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Check out some of the projects I have created below!

AD Multimedia Group, LLC


Here at AD Multimedia Group, we are strongly influenced by the quote "Anything can happen. That's the beauty of creating." by Ernie Harwell.

In today's ever evolving virtual world, we find it important to discover new ways to push the boundaries of imagination for the sake of design, originality and most importantly convenience. We strive to create a comfortable balance between traditional and nontraditional forms of artistic communication.

We aim to accomplish our goals by showcasing the talents of many up and coming creators and influencers on a platform where they can all grow and create freely. 


We encourage our team to ask themselves "What can we create today to make anything happen?"


Then we make it happen.




PageByPaige is an online website and social media blog. With plans to expand in the future, PageByPaige currently updates the social media account frequently and writes book reviews on the website. 

Instagram: pagebypaigepbp



Hell's Kitchen NSU

Public Relations Manager

Hell's Kitchen NSU is a collaborative effort of college students finding easy ways to amp up your kitchen menu on a full time student budget.

I serve as Social Media Content Creator and Organizer.

Instagram: @hellskitchennsu

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Organization President and Website Designer

The Northwestern State University Chapter of The National Association of Black Journalists is an on campus organization whose motto is "Create Anything!" Our goal since starting in 2019 has been to offer a space for students to have the freedom and ability to create any form of content they desire and share it with the world. We all work together as a team to tell stories and let our voices be heard!



Keep Natchitoches Beautiful Campaign

Strategic Communcations Consultant

As a Strategic Communications Consultant, I worked with Mayor Williams' Public Relations Director and other students and organizers to organize, plan and execute strategies for marketing the Mayor's plans for the city through a series of social media posts.


AD x Youtube

Organization President and Website Designer

From podcasts to on the road content, AD Sports covered most major sporting events pre-pandemic. AD Sports features original content such as "Fan Hype" and "The Future as Told by AD". We are currently on hiatus, but AD Sports will return.


Click the logo to access our Youtube Channel


How to Pass Video Productions Class

Producer and Director

During my time in my Video Productions class, I decided to make an informative video on how to pass the class for future students. In this video, I discuss how to create a news package.


Click the picture to watch the videos!


The City of Shreveport IT Department

Producer, Director and Anchor


As an intern for the City of Shreveport's IT department, I was assigned the task of showcasing what the IT department does for the community, so I decided to create two videos detailing the efforts of the staff.

Click the pictures to watch the videos!


Graphic Design Work


All Videos

All Videos

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